Allison Tam

“Like nothing really matters right? It’s like at the end of the day 20 years from now you’re going to look at college at be like oh, what did I

Alex Bost

“Well I’ve pretty much given up on being in shape until the end of the semester so I figured live well (ish). Right now that means getting insomnia cookies”

John Urschel

“I love MIT a lot but I think MIT is different for me than it is for you. For me, MIT is awesome because MIT is vacation. Classes and math

Mundo Rodriguez

“The Vivaldi double cello concerto is one of my favorite pieces to play, mostly because of sentimental value. The simple harmonies are really nice, just the way the parts fit

Chris Terman

“I worked on my PhD thesis in the 80s and I remember turning it in and I woke up the next morning and said, ‘actually, what am i going to

Nicole Kogan

“So basically, my rational is that people have a pretty negative view of bacteria and what they do for obvious reasons because they do get people very very sick. In

Pearl Willmer-Shiles

“I realized that MIT has made me so focused on my career and my future to a point that I feel like I’ve become somewhat paralyzed in how I live