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The Humans of MIT Team

What is Humans of MIT?

Humans of MIT is a photojournalism blog run exclusively by students. Our goal is to share the unique and inspiring stories from MIT students, faculty, and staff with the greater MIT community.

Can I submit a story?

Unfortunately, we currently do not accept submissions for stories to be posted on Humans of MIT. We always strive to publish the best content for our viewers and share stories that are the products of random encounters.

Funded in part by a Director's Grant from the Council for the Arts at MIT.

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For media inquiries or general contact, email the Humans of MIT team at [email protected].

The History of Humans of MIT


The First Post

Jenny, Lawrence, Emad, and Abra co-founded Humans of MIT with a goal: “getting to know the people of our community.” Humans of MIT’s first Facebook post is of Lauren Alice, who offers words of advice for the MIT community.


Niki Rahmati featured on Humans of MIT after returning to campus

Niki Rahmati spoke about her experience leaving behind MIT after Executive Order 13769, the travel ban on Iran, took effect in January 2017.

A New Generation


After a brief hiatus, the newest storytellers, Luisa, Victor, and Johnny relaunch Humans of MIT with a new website and graphical redesign.