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Claire Nobuhara

“l watched a really cool TED talk about how we can choose to see our bodies in terms of its form or its function. Looking back, I wasted a lot

Stu Schmill

“When I graduated, I never thought I’d come back. I was working in the engineering industry–I had a job and everything–but one year later, I found myself back at MIT

Elisa Boles

“I love food. And baking. And singing—and science. And working with the earth…and making people laugh! It’s amazing how everything is so connected. And how much beauty is contained in

Elane Lema

“I loved my oboe, but my parents didn’t. I used to come home late after band practice, shut my bedroom door, and kept my musical life as a separate life

Burhan Azeem

“My goal for my start-up is for anyone to go on the internet and receive free education about anything. Anything! But specifically, higher education. I don’t think there’s any reason

Luke Qi

“I used to spend lots and lots of time watching YouTube videos of late-night talk show hosts and stand-up comedians and I was like ‘damn, they’re so cool and funny

Abra Shen

Emad, Jenny, Lawrence, and I co-founded Humans of MIT because we liked the idea of getting to know the people of our community. To know not only the surface, but get

Chris “Petey” Peterson

“But I think, the older I get the less I’m oriented toward things I have as opposed to things I make, and the conditions under which I make them. Our